I’m playing around with my final project this morning. I’ve been using Diigo’s social annotation and bookmarking application to bookmark links posted during the course of my online class, Design and Implementation of Web-Based Information Services. I’ve created a group resource. If you click on the “view all bookmarks,” the tag list will appear in the right sidebar. This group is public- open to everyone for viewing. Everyone is also able to tag/annotate/add items to the group resource; they just need to create a Diigo account. Once the account is created, they can be sent updates to the resource via e-mail if they choose- they have a choice of immediately, daily, weekly, or not at all. There is also the RSS feed option.  I’m working with the WebSlides piece that presents the links in a slideshow. I’ve created a list from the “open-source” tags and I’m trying to imbed the widget for the slideshow into this post. Right now, it looks like I can only embed the link to the slideshow and not the slideshow itself. The “play in place” widget code doesn’t seem to be working…..

Slides Play

If anyone sees how this resource might be more useful, I would appreciate your ideas.