I think I’ll engage in a very libraryish activity and assign an acronym to the class associated with this blog- from here on out Design and Implementation of Web-Based Information Systems will be referred to as DIWBIS (pronounced dew-biss) for the sake of simplicity. So in DIWBIS this week, we are to choose a wiki that we feel we can contribute to in a worthwhile manner. We have a few to choose from, or we may also come up with own. I’ve looked at the list, and I like the Butler WikiRef, Butler University Libraries’ Reference Wiki. Since I have been researching open access and because one of the stated functions of this wiki is the “empowering of reference users,” I would like to add an entry on an open access resource. For instance, I could add an entry on OAISTER or one on DOAJ (directory of open access journals). Free access to scholarly information is empowering. I think these resources suffer from a lack of promotion. I’d like to spread the word.


image courtesy of PLoS