Have you found that some words seem more attractive than others? Some words are just appropriate for their definition like onomatopoeias and the word “hubbub,” or they might be fun to say as in, well, onomatopoeia and tomfoolery. Maybe, they have warm connotations such as “hearth” and “home.” Like all good logophiles, I have developed a small bank of words that I like to use whenever I can fit them into a sentence. “Pathfinders” is one of my new favorites. While the term has been thrown around on occasion during the course of my graduate program, this semester I’ve had the chance to get to know pathfinders a little better. The Internet Public Library calls pathfinders “expert guides,” and in a way, they remind me a bit of mind-mapping in that a trail of links (thoughts) guides one to resources (ideas) on a particular subject. iLibrarian provides A Librarian’s Guide to Creating 2.0 Subject Guides that outlines a few different tools for creating online subject guides (Thanks, Lee!).