We are to propose and to potentially begin building a digital collection for class this semester. Although we can use other applications, open source Omeka has been suggested. I went to their website today, read the information there, looked at the director’s (not of the project but of the Center for History and New Media at George Mason University- where the software platform was launched) blog entry on the project, viewed a video at code4lib, and attempted to play around in the sandbox a bit. I like that it uses the Dublin Core (DC) metadata structure (as I’m somewhat familiar with it) and that it incorporates 2.0 technologies like tagging and syndicating. In the video, it’s interesting to note that the two young developers see Omeka, in its current state, as more about content publishing than content management. I have seen DC criticized in the past for lacking rigor. On the other hand, it is an interoperable standard, and it meets OAI-PMH guidelines. In the sandbox, I looked at many of the wordpress-esque features like plug-ins and themes and explored the other tabs. Overall, It seems simple and user-friendly. That said, I have a hard time casting a critical eye at this juncture. I’ll be able to evaluate it more thoroughly when I really get my hands dirty.