I’ve yet to have a brilliant (or even a good) idea for the content of my digital collection assignment this semester. I thought I might go through a resource that I’ve used in the past to help plan a collection with predetermined content. I’m hoping that if I think through NISO’s “Framework of Guidance for Building Good Digital Collections” an idea might form. The introduction to the framework reflects a couple of points that have been made in this class and others:

1. The collection may consist of items that are born digital or it may be digital objects that represent analog items.

What this means for my assignment: I can create a collection of digital items for the content, or I need to find physical items that warrant digitization for the content.

2. The collection should be reliable and authoritative, but “also compelling and useful to a wide range of users wherever they live, work, and play.”

What this means for my assignment: I should create or find reliable content, but it may be geared toward an audience’s personal or professional interests.

I also need to keep in mind a couple of NISO’s principles at this juncture:

1. Objects Principle 6: A good object has associated metadata.

What this means for my assignment: For now, I’m thinking about descriptive metadata. I need enough information about the items in the collection to be able to describe them.

2. Collections Principle 5: A good collection respects intellectual property rights.

What this means for my assignment: I need to think about the copyright status of any potential items.