I began my project proposal a few weeks ago, but I’m able to really dig into it now that I’ve taken the comps exam. I finalized the goals and objectives for the proposal this morning and found a couple of resources that helped guide my decisions. The University Library at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign provides a comprehensive list of goals and objectives for their Digital Services and Development Unit. Also, I knew that I wanted to tie one of the goals to the overall mission of public broadcasting and found the Corporation for Public Broadcasting mission here. I read an article, Accelerating Learning & Discovery: Refining the role of academic librarians, while studying for comps that led me to this goal. Though specific to academic libraries, Dillon makes several interesting points about the future of libraries. One point he makes is that it is necessary for academic libraries to align their mission with the mission of the university they serve. I think this point can be extended to different types of libraries. Both special and public libraries might consider how their mission “amplifies” the mission of their primary funding agencies.